BIOSAN Thermo–Shaker TS-100 


BIOSAN Thermo–Shaker TS-100 provides intensive mixing and temperature control of samples in micro-test tubes or PCR plate. Functions of heating (up to +100°C) and mixing can be performed both simultaneously and independently, i.e. the unit implements three devices in one:

1. Shaker;
2. Dry–block Thermostat;
3. Thermo–Shaker.

BIOSAN Thermo–Shaker TS-100 is used for DNA analysis sample preparation, for extraction of proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, and other cellular components. Features of TS-100 meet the increased requirements of the user, including:

  • Quickly reaches the set mixing speed and maintains the same amplitude of rotation around the block;
  • Stable maintenance of the temperature of a wide range over the entire surface of the block;
  • LCD display shows the set and actual temperature, speed, and time;
  • Quiet engine operation, compact size, long service life.

The heating source is a printed heating board (12 V). Mixing is provided by movement of orbital type.

The instrument is applicable in:

  • Genetic analysis — in the extraction of DNA, RNA, and further sample preparation;
  • Biochemical study of enzymatic reactions and processes;
  • Extraction of metabolites from cellular material.

Temperature Calibration Function

With the help of the temperature calibration function, the user can calibrate the unit approx. ±6% of the selected temperature to compensate for differences in the thermal behavior of tubes from different manufacturers.