UVimeter Radiometer

The world of UV intensity measure


UVItec RS radiometer
• 254 312 365nm (three models)
• Electronic case
• LCD display
• Analog output
• Zero drift
• Off/On/Hold switch

UV sensor (fixed)
• Silicon photo-electric cell for a direct measurement of the UV radiation. No need for conversion into visible light.
• Interference filter to select the appropriate UV band and to eliminate all other unwanted radiation.
• Non-sensitive to infra-red.
• No electronic components in the sensor to avoid any possible temperature disparity
• Quartz disc protection on cell filter
• Carbon shielded cable (1 metre)

UVImeter RX 003 radiometer with microprocessor
• Designed for operating at 254nm, 312nm and 365nm
• Independent sensor (supplied separately) for each wavelength
• Analog output on the rear panel for each wavelength
• 4 X 16 LCD display
• 4 ‘Alkaline’ batteries R6/1.5V


Model No.
RS 254  radiometer short wave 
RS 312  radiometer mid wave 
RS 365  radiometer long wave 
RX 003  radiometer 
SX 254  sensor, short wave 
SX 312  sensor, mid wave 
SX 365  sensor, long wave 

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