The non-UV Transilluminator

To eliminate the damage caused by ultra violet light to DNA and RNA gels we are pleased to introduce our new UVIblue transilluminator.

During the purification of DNA and RNA from gels, Ultra violet light can induce both nicking and crosslinking. Use of the new Uviblue transilluminator eradicates this problem and thus greatly improves the efficiency of this process. The UVIblue has been designed in order to give the best image possible. There are almost 300 LEDs arranged to give a consistent intensity across the table. We incorporate the highest standard of LED available to give unprecedented light uniformity. The Light Emitting Devices also conform to the highest environmental standards.

The intense blue light emitted is doubly enhanced by use of a narrow excitation filter giving an excitation peak at 470 nm. This allows the excitation light to be separated from the emission light to give the clarity of image our customers expect from Uvitec.

UVIblue technology is ideal for Sybr Safe®, Gel-Green®, Sypro Ruby®, Gel-Star®, Sypro Orange®, Sybr Gold®, Sybr Green® I & II and eGFP®, amongst others


Model No. Filter (cm) Light Device
BXT-F20.Blue 20×20 Filtered blue LED technology

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