Suprema Series


suprema series

Acceleration and deceleration times are reduced by nearly 50%, compared to previous models. SUPREMA series minimize loss of operation time.


* Compared to the previous model with an equivalent rotor,
acceleration and deceleration times are reduced with these percentages approximately.

User Friendly Front Indicator
The Front Indicator (green/red/orange line indicator) permits monitoring the operation status from a distance.


The green line indicator lights up when the system is turned on.


The red line indicator lights up while the rotor type is being identified or the rotor is spinning.


The orange line indicator flashes in case errors occur in the system and relevant error messages are displayed on the LCD.

Multiple memory functions
Easy-to-use and convenient LCD


The LCD display on the control panel features such special functions as history and memory functions as well as memory settings for information and operation conditions on the centrifuge program.
  • A simple memory function allows setting three operation conditions for each rotor.
  • 99 memory settings can be stored.

Sample temperature display

SUPREMA Series high speed refrigerated centrifuge control and maintain the sample temperature near the set temperature using the date from chamber temperature, rotor types and rotational frequency and display the value estimated from each data as actual sample temperature.

Suprema 25

    • Data Communications Fanction (factory option) An extemal output port for data communication is provided to output the data stored in memory such as centrifuging conditions and the various historical data to PC.
    • Programmed operation function

Several operation conditions can be programmed during a centrifuging operation and automatically executed in linear sequence. This function allows to store five programs in five different combinations.

  • Centrifugal acceleration integrator function
  • Capable of consecutive spins

10-step acceleration characteristics and 10-step and natural deceleration characteristics

The initial value of acceleration and deceleration characteristics is adjusted between 0 and 500 rpm, however, the function setting allows to set the adjustable rotation speed to the maximum speed of the rotor in use, adjustable in steps of 100 rpm.


Design incorporates friendliness to the global environment and safety

  • HFC R404A with the ODP = 0.0, which contains no chlorine to destroy the ozone layer, is used to reduce environmental impact.
  • Imbalance detection system: The system prevents operation when the rotor is unbalanced and the maximum permissible imbalance value is exceeded, and automatically slows the rotor down and stops.
  • Safety devices:
    Lid interlock, Lid Open/Close Detector, Overspeed Detector, Overcurrent Detector (power switch), Motor Overcurrent Detector, Temperature Error Detector (high or low temperature)

High-Capacity Angle Rotor series

1,000ml Large Volume Rotor

9 NA-610
Rotor for:Suprema25
Rotor for:Suprema25/23 /21


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