UVmc2 Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Safas Monaco


  • FItted with a genuine double-beam. The photometric range is 100% symmetrical from -4A to +4A
  • No rotative mirrors for avoiding and problems of differnce of wavelegth between beams
  • using long life and low heat deuterium and tungsten lamph with full automatic centering for an optimized accuracy & energy
  • No thermal drift, immediate stability after autocalibration without any need to wait for pre-heating
  • Spectra with many graphic function and data processing: curve overlay, multizoom, automatic peak and valley search, curve combination, calibration curves, derivatives up to 6th order, spectra  kinetics with 3D display, etc.
  • Kinetics on to 10 cuvettes at up to 10 wavelegths with regression (linear or not), automatic calculation of speed, derivatetives, etc.
  • Unlimited calibrates curves, linear or not
  • Spectral range: 185 to 1050 nm, accuracy +/- 0.2 nm, repeatability +/- -0.01nm
  • Bandwith: 2nm. or 1nm, or 0.5nm
  • Spectra scan: up to 7000nm/minute, and up to 1 point every 0.1nm
  • Straylight <0.04% an 220nm and 340nm (ASTM)

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