MP96 UV Microplate Reader

Safas Monaco


  • Microplate reader for measurements of absorbance on 96 wells
  • Thanks to its 9 simultaneous detectors, it features high accuracy and stability up to 4 Abs, and is able to read a complete plate in less that 5 seconds
  • It has stirring (3 speeds, user selectable) and temperature control (from ambient temp+3°C, up to 50°C)
  • Easy to use software with powerfull data-processing tools: calibration curves (linear and non-linear), kinetics, repricates, multiple area, etc
  • Spectral range: 340 to 750nm
  • Number of filters technology: automatic turret for 1 to 8 filters, supplied in standard (easy to add more)
  • bandwith: less than 10nm


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