Easyspec Near UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Safas Monaco


  • Fitted with EBERT mount monocromators and qualityoptic, exclusively mounted on metallic holders and for hight accuracy
  • fitted with sealed optics, and no chopper, so as to avoid an expensive-to-change wearing part
  • Spectral range: 320 to 1100nm
  • Bandwith: 5nm (i.e. +/-2.5nm)
  • Accuracy of wavelegths: +/-1nm, repeatability +/-0.15nm
  • Straylight:<0.05% at 340nm (ASTM), but overall <0.5% from 320 to 1100nm
  • Data processing: digital, achieved by the microprocessor
  • Sample holder: universal for cuvettes from 2 to 50mm P.L., and of 13 and 25mm diameter


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