he QIAgility uses a single-channel pipet to automate PCR setup up to 96 PCR reactions can be set up in approxiamately 30 minutes. Liquid-level sensing, facilitated by conductive filtered tips, enables high-precision pipetting. Automated PCR setup is rapid and reliable and eliminates manual pippeting steps can be prone to human error. the QIAgility fully automated cTrusted QIAGEN PCR and RT-PCR, and real-time PCR and RT-PCR kits. the QIAgility can set up multiple master mixes and can process multiple PCR setups in parallel.

QIAgility software simulates the instrument worktable, making it exceptionally easy to use, Fast setup and development of run files are facilitated  by wizards, which quide the user throught the software procedures in a stepwise fashion.

The advanced design of the QIAgility delivers improved process safety, giving you peace of mind. An in-built sensor ensures that the instruments pauses the hood is opened during a run, protecting users from moving parts. An optional UV light ensures effective worktable decontamination and an optional HEPA filter provides positive clean air pressure throughtout PCR setup. These safety features are complemented by intellegent safety warnings from the software, should an error accur.

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