The QIAcube is a fully automated sample prep using proven QIAGEN® spin-column kits, which can prosses up to 12 sample per run. QIAcube is a complete automated solution for low-thoroughtput sample prep and all steps fully automated, including sample lysis

  • Purify DNA from whole blood, buffy coat, lumpho-cytes, bone marrow, dried blood, tissues, bone, paraffin-embedded tissues, saliva, cultured cells, buccal swabs, stool, food, yeast, bacteria, fungi, plant, manyn kind of forensic sample, etc.
  • Purify viral nucleic acid from serum or plasma
  • Purify RNA from cells, tissues, fiber rich tissue, fatty tissue, FFPE tissue section, plant, fungi, and also automate RNA clean up from enzymatic reaction
  • Purify viral RNA from serum or plasma
  • Purify molecular biology grade Plasmid DNA
  • Automate DNA clean up from PCR product, Gels or Enzymatic reaction
  • Purify 6xHis-Tagged proteins, isolate glycoproteins and separate IgG and albumin from blood


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