Platinum V10

UvitecPlatinum V10 – Upgradreable Gel Documentation Imager

A 6-mpx Geldoc camera within an advanced ‘Alliance’ darkroom. Upgradeable to Chemiluminescence and RGB Fluorescence at all times:

  • Upgrade the camera to ‘Alliance’ optics and enjoy the best specs on the market for all your Chemiluminescent applications.
  • Incorporate plug-and-play RGB Chroma module at any time, and crack on with fluorescence and multiplexing on blots.
  • Choose from a list of up to 17 emission filters to sharpen your fluorescence images. We’ve got a filter for every stain and dye.
  • Enjoy huge resolution of up to 10-mpx, 16-bit imaging and up to 65,535 shades of grey.
  • 100% license-free and customizable software for acquisition, editing and analysis.
  • Fully-auto ‘one-click’ or ‘Live’ or ‘3D-Live’ or ‘Preview’ acquisition modes available.
  • Use default acquisition protocols or create, modify and customize your own as you please.
  • ‘Uvipure’ patented technology available on transilluminator for even sharper images of all your safe-stained gels.
  • Built-in analysis modules for quantification/normalization, molecular weight, colonies counting and distance calculations.



  • DNA/RNA gels & Safe stains (EtBr, SYBR, GelGreen, GelRed, SYPRO…) Protein gels (Coomassie, Silver, Cooper…) Colonies (Petri Dish) & visible imaging, X-ray films, Chemiluminescence & Bioluminescence (with camera upgrade), RGB Fluorescence (with Chroma module)



1D quantification, normalization, automatic molecular weight, distance calculations, colonies counting


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