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Sample large volumes with confidence

The Pipet-X pipet controller lets the user sample large volumes (up to 100 ml) and offers the flexibility needed for a wide range of liquid transfer and measurement applications. Pressure-sensitive speed control allows smooth aspiration and dispensing to be performed with many types of liquids. With selectable gravity or blow-out (motor assisted) dispensing, high volumetric accuracy can be achieved. The angled grip allows ergonomic use in a laminar-flow cabinet. Pipet-X is designed for use with volumetric and graduated pipettes, plastic or glass, in the volume range of 0.1–100 ml.


Features and Benefits

One tool is all you need
The Pipet-X pipet controller excels at all your pipetting applications. It is ideal for aspirating and dispensing cell cultures and other turbid liquids. Pipet-X can be used in applications up to 100 ml with plastic or glass volumetric and graduated pipets.

Flexible one-handed control
Pipet-X has an ergonomic grip which is comfortable for large and small hands. Pressure-sensitive aspirate and dispense buttons provide continuously variable speed control. A convenient thumb switch easily allows you to switch between gravity and blow-out dispense modes.

Smart recharging
Pipet-X uses a rechargeable NiMH battery for up to 8 hours of uninterrupted use. The battery charger plugs directly into the pipette controller’s socket, permitting continuous use while charging. No charging station is required. An LED display indicates charge level, and the smartcharge feature optimizes battery life and prevents overcharging.

Contamination free
A built-in check valve and 0.2 micron hydrophobic membrane filter protect internal components from being wetted, preventing contamination during aspiration. Liquid vapors are discharged externally to prevent corrosion.


Volume Range





NIMH Battery


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