Liquidator 96


Liquidator™ 96 pipetting system is a powerful personal research tool for all laboratories. Accurate and efficient, Liquidator™ 96 is designed to maximize workflow, without the need for complicated programming or dedicated technician time. Incredibly fast, Liquidator™ 96 adds outstanding quality features to high throughput pipetting, with many applications.

  • Unique manual pipetting system for medium to high throughput applications
  • Minimal footprint, fits any lab bench or laminar flow cabinet
  • Uses 96-well plates and 384-well plates
  • Simple to use – No programming
  • Flexible and familiar operation
  • Fast – for immediate results
  • Save time and money
  • Ergonomic, hand-friendly


Replicating / dispensing plates during expression profiling or in yeast two hybrid systems.
Filling, washing, mixing plates. ELISA, protein crystallization,screenings.
Dispensing buffers, master mixes. PCR, dilution series, assays.
Removing liquids from plates. Changing media in cultures.

Features and Benefits

Simple to use – No programming
Liquidator™ 96 is simple to operate – it works like a conventional manual pipette. No complicated software, no programming. A personal benchtop pipetting system, Liquidator™ 96 is always ready to use by everyone in the lab.

Flexible and familiar operation
Flexible and powerful, Liquidator™ 96 speeds up your daily lab workflow. Manually pipetting is easy, from any kind of multiwell plate, reservoir, or deep well container into 96 and 384 well plates. It fits anywhere – on your bench or in a laminar flow cabinet.

Save time and money
Liquidator™ 96 is ideal for all your scale-up experiments. The 96-channel head dramatically boosts your lab’s throughput and even outperforms many robotic systems with speed and convenience. 96 wells can easily be filled in less than 20 seconds and 25 plates filled or replicated in less than 10 minutes. Your investment in Liquidator™ 96 will be paid back in months, through faster throughput, fewer errors (no missed rows), and its many varied applications – mother-daughter replication, reformatting from 96 to 384 well, washing steps, and dilutions. Vital for time critical ELISA assays: all 96 reactions can be started and stopped simultaneously!

Ergonomic, hand-friendly
Counterbalanced design, large levers, and Liquidator LTS tips result in very low user forces. The whole hand, not just the thumb, operates the large control levers. Tip ejection, all 96 tips at once, is particularly easy.


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