Labcycler 48

Senso Quest96-wwell

The Labcycler 48 contains a thermoblok with 48 wells for 0.2 ml tubes in an array 6 x 8. SensoQuest offer a low cost version with alumunium block and an exclusive s-version with gold plated silver block. Working with single tubes and striper is possible. Temperature programs can be stored in directories that can can optionally be protected by passwords up to 64 individuals user.

Program can be copied between Labcycler 48 and the bigger labcycler basic and gradient.

  • TFT Touchscreen
  • Automatic tid
  • Optional with 8-zones-gradient
  • Heating and cooling rate up to 5°C/s
  • Temperature and time in(de)crements
  • Automatic Re-start
  • Low energy consumption
  • Password protection for 64 users

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