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the new EZ1 Advanced / Advanced XL supersedes the highly successfull BioRobot EZ1. The improved workstation has featured that enable effortless data management and provide secure user environment with the addition of  Uvdecontamination.

the EZ1 advanced / Advanced XL workstation is a simple, closed system that purifies hugh quality DNA and RNA from 1-6 samples for EZ1 advanced and 1-14 samples from EZ1 Advanced XL within 15-45 minutes is parallel for clinical research applications. EZ1 kits provide pre-filled, sealed reagent cartriges that help to prevent human error during setup of the workstation, while EZ1 Card quickly find the purification protocaol without any manual data-entry. The EZ1 Advanced Xl set the new standards in data managements.

Barcode reading enables complete tracking of samples and reagents throughout the entire purification process. Notes and assay identification information can aldo be easly entered.

The run report, automatically generated at the end of each protocol, contain all workstation information, including maintenances procedures and decontamination data.

  • Purify DNA from 200 μl or 350 μl of blood, buffy coat and dried blood
  • purify DNA from tissues, paraffin-embedded tissues and buccal swabs
  • Purify Viral DNA and RNA from serum and plasma CSF, urine, and respiratory samples
  • Purify DNA from forensic, human identity and biosecurity samples
  • Purify DNA from white blood cells and cultured cells and any type of human or animal tissue
  • Purify DNA from human or animal tissue samples
  • Gene expression and protein assays
  • Molecular diagnostics and research EZ1 Advanced / Advanced XL also available for in Vitro Diagnostic

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