Reliable & Speedy Sterilization

A top-open lid, which can be operated easily with a single hand or foot, is provided with the SX autoclaves. To open the lid, the lid lock is released by stepping on the foot pedal locates at the bottom while pressing the lid down. The lid can be opened with minimal effort owing to mechanical assistance. In addition, the lid can be closed easily just by pressing it down.

User-friendly Memory Function

Once turned on the system automatically sets and displays a pre-set value. Operation is done simply by pressing the start switch. ES-315/ES-215 enables the set temperature and time for each mode program to be stored in its memory.


*The control panel lighting image shown above may vary from actual display.

MODE/PROCESS display enables real time monitoring of operation status.

ES-315 / ES-215 offers three mode programs.

5Sterilization Mode
It contains a delay start timer function that allows operation to start 1 to 99 hours later.

 6Sterilization/warming Mode
This mode is useful when not removing culture media from the autoclave immediately after sterilization. Sterilized media can be kept warm to prevent coagulation.
 7Heating Mode
This mode program automates the dissolution of culture media that can sometimes be a painful process when using a water bath to boil them.

User-friendly design allows for even more easy maintenance.

Chamber having a flat inner surface

All models are supplied with stainless steel wire mesh baskets. No protrusions on inner surface of the chamber enable smooth loading and unloading of the basket as well as block design of all pipe fittings ensures safe operation.

Front access for easy maintenance

The exhaust bottle to capture and store exhaust steam is placed on the front panel of the autoclave unit. Access to the chamber for replacing water inside, as well as for routine maintenance and inspection, is done on the front of the unit, which also permits operators to replace bellows, saving costs for services by the service personnel.

A microprocessor controlled monitoring system provides safe sterilization.

Incomplete sterilization protection

In case of abnormal chamber temperature rise, the autoclave stops its operation. In case of abnormal decrease in temperature, the sterilization timer is temporarily suspended and then reactivated when the set temperature is reached.

Chamber overpressure protection

If overpressure in the chamber is detected, the autoclave stops all the function and indicates an error message simultaneously.

Chamber interior overtemperature protection

If the temperature inside the chamber exceeds the set temperature by 5°C or more, the autoclave stops all the function and indicates an error message simultaneously to avoid overheating.

Chamber exterior overtemperature protection

The thermostat switch detects the temperature of chamber exterior wall, which allows the autoclave to stop all the function if the temperature exceeds 130°C.





Operating temperature range
(during sterilizing)

105 – 123°C

105 – 132°C

Operating pressure range

0 – 127kPa

0 – 186kPa

Maximum operating pressure



Temperature control

Digital, microprocessor controlled

Temperature display / display range

Digital / -15 – 180°C

Pressure display / display range

Analog / 0 – 250kPa

Analog / 0 – 400kPa

Heat source

1.5kW electric heater

2.0kW electric heater

Timer control

Digital, microprocessor controlled

Timer display


display range

Sterilizing mode:

1 – 240min. or continuous

Sterilizing-warming mode:

1 – 240min. (sterilizing) / 1 – 8hours (warming)

Heating mode:

1 – 8hours

Start-timer setting range

1 – 99hours in each operation mode

Memory function

A set of temperature and time setting in each operation mode

Safety devices

• Inside the chamber overheat prevention, • Outer wall of the chamber overheat prevention, • Overpressure prevention, • Temperature sensor disconnection prevention, • Empty heating prevention, • Leakage breaker, • Safety valve

Malfunction prevention devices

• Low water level detection, • Exhaust valve knob open/close detection,
• Insufficient sterilization detection, • Chamber lid open/close detection


Rated breaking current:

20A (120V) , 15A (220 / 230 / 240V)

30A (120V) , 15A (220 / 230 / 240V)

Rated sensed current:

30mA (120V) , 10mA (220 / 230 / 240V)

Protection type

Class 1 equipment


Ambient temperature:

5 – 35°C

Relative humidity:

30 – 85%

Atmospheric pressure:

700 – 1060hPa


Within 2°


φ248 x 543mm

φ325 x 740mm

Usable dimension

φ236 x 450mm

φ312 x 635mm

Capacity of chamber



Chamber material


Capacity / material of exhasut bottle

3ℓ / polyethylene

Type / material of lid gasket

Accommodating internal pressure / silicone rubber

Dimensions of main unit (mm)

400W x 460D x 920H (Height from floor to control panel:705)

490W x 560D x 1090H (Height from floor to control panel:875)

Net weight



Rated Voltage

AC 120 / 220 / 230 / 240V

Power input

15A (120V), 7A (220 / 230 / 240V)

20A (120V), 10A (220V), 9A (230 / 240V)

Power supply requirements

Single-phase 120V AC (50 / 60Hz) 15A or above

Single-phase 120V AC (50 / 60Hz) 20A or above

Single-phase 220 / 230 / 240V AC (50 / 60Hz) 15A or above

Power Comsumption (calorific value)

1.5kW (1290kcal/h)

2kW (1720kcal/h)


• Stainless steel basket with slatted bottom plate 1, • Water level sensor 1,
• Inspection sheet 1, • Warranty card 1, • Customer card 1, • Operator’s manual 1,
• Clear plastic accessory case 1, • Attachment screw for clear plastic accessory case 1

Stainless basket 1 (φ224 x 376mm)

Stainless basket 2 (φ300 x 182mm)


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