Electronic Adjustable Spacer Pipettes


Speeds work flow

Rainin’s Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer puts a new twist on pipetting: a 6- or 8-channel pipette with adjustable nozzles to quickly transfer liquids from one format to another. Its speed, ease and accuracy make it ideal for Genomic, Proteomic, Tissue Culture and Cell Culture applications. For example, aspiratesamples from micro- centrifuge tubes, turn the spacing knob, and dispense into a 24, 48, or 96-well plate. And like all Pipet-Lite XLS models, its embedded RFID tag enables advanced calibration tracking.

Features and Benefits

Accurate and Precise
Equal to or better than accuracy and precision compared to other leading manufacturers and ISO 8655, so Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer pipette results can be trusted across all channels.

Fast Spacing Change
A continuously variable spacing mechanism lets you quickly set spacing between the channels to any value between 9 and 19 mm (6 channels) or 9 and 14 mm (8 channels), at the same time ensuring identical spacing between all channels

Reproducible Nozzle Spacing
Two controls, Limit and Spacing),allow smooth, precise and lockable adjustment. Set the desired spacing with the Limit control and change to the set point with the Spacing control. Easy-to-read millimeter scale provides a visual aid to spacing without guessing.

Absolutely consistent sample pickup
Patented LTS tip and nozzle design provides exceptionally easy multichannel tip mounting, without using nozzle o-rings. Perfect sealing – first time, every time – without rocking or hand-tightening, resulting in perfectly even sample pickup across all channels. Try it – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get absolutely consistent sample pickup across all channels.

Ergonomic Balanced Design
Redesigned ergonomic handle rests perfectly in the hand reducing tiredness and compromised pipetting performance. The finger hook allows the hand to relax between pipetting cycles.

Easy Volume Adjustment
Easy and quick volume adjustment with or without gloves. Foolproof volume lock prevents accidental volume changes.

Silicone Shock Absorber
The silicone shock absorber in the tip ejector provides extra thumb protection by cushioning tip ejection impact.

Rugged Design and Construction
High-quality PVDF reduces transfer of hand heat to the interior of the pipette and protects against accidental breakage.

RFID for Pipette Calibration Tracking
Every model equipped with a passive RFID tag, a first in a pipette! Optional RFID reader and LabX Direct Pipette Scan software enable accurate pipette calibration tracking to assist labs with regulatory agency compliance.


Volume Range


6-channel adjustable

20–300 μl


6-channel adjustable

100–1200 μl


8-channel adjustable

5-50 μl


8-channel adjustable

20–300 μl


8-channel adjustable

100–1200 μl


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