DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS

DFS Magnetic Sector GC-HRMS


dfs-magnetic-sector-gc-hrmsThe Thermo Scientific™ DFS™ magnetic sector GC-HRMS is the gold standard in dioxin and POPs

analysis. It offers worldwide full compliance with any official dioxin, PCB, or PBDE method (EPA 1613,

1668, 1614, etc.). The DFS is the highest performing mass spectrometer ever built for target

compound analysis. Its large-volume ion source offers the highest available dioxin sensitivity at

maximum robustness, resulting in the best dioxin installation spec on the market: 20 fg 2378-TCDD

gives a signal-to-noise ratio ≥ 200:1 (PtP, 4s)). A product based on 50 years of experience in

developing magnetic sector MS, the DFS system has all the performance you need in a package that

will even fit in a small laboratory.


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