Dot and Slot Blotters


Fast sample-to-membrane hybridisation guaranteed for immediate screening

Available in alphanumeric 48 and 96 sample throughputs, Scie-Plas’s dot and slot blot microfiltration manifolds provide an easy and reproducible means to hybridise proteins and nucleic acids in solution onto membranes. These manifolds, which are machined from high-density acrylic, have precision-lapped mating surfaces that ensure uniform filter/membrane contact without gaskets and ‘O’ rings. Manifold assembly is simple, being achieved by the alignment and tightening of stainless steel thumbscrews and mating screws, while filters can be cut down to the exact size of the template. Standard manifold configurations are available with the DHM-48 and DHM-96 units providing 48 and 96 dots, 3mm in diameter, that are compatible with the configuration of 96-well microtitre plates. The SHM-48 unit focus up to 48 samples into thin lines, less than 0.5 x 6mm in size, making densitometric quantitation more reproducible. Each hybridisation manifold requires a vacuum pump or water aspirator equivalent to 600mm Hg (0.8 Bar).


Semi-Dry Blotters


V10 and V20 Semi-Dry Blotters

For fast and tidy electroblotting techniques

V10-SDB 10 x 10cm and V20-SDB 20 x 20cm semi-dry blotters are ideal for fast transfer of proteins and nucleic acids without the need for costly accessories such as gel cassettes and tanks. Corrosion-free platinum-coated titanium and stainless steel plate electrodes, corresponding to the anode and cathode, maximise the active area of transfer so that full electrical contact is made between the gel and the membrane, allowing transfer to be completed within an hour with the minimum of heat dissipation, buffer consumption and mess in the laboratory, normally associated with wet blotting techniques.


TV Electroblotters


Dedicated electroblotting for mini and maxi gels

Recently redesigned to accommodate up to 4 electroblotting cassettes, the Scie-Plas TV100-EBK andTV400-EBK electroblotters provide a cost-effective and safe and easy to use system for the transfer of proteins and nucleic acids from 10 x 10cm mini and 20.5 x 20cm maxi gels. Both units are supplied with asymmetric colour-coded cassettes as a unique design feature to prevent them from being inserted into the tank in the wrong orientation, against the direction of transfer