Power Supply


Consort EV200 Range

For all electrophoresis techniques

Consort EV200 power supplies cover the full range of voltages and currents used with all Scie-Plas electrophoresis units, whether it is for routine low voltage horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis or high voltage applications such as isoelectric focusing and sequencing.

Nine different program settings, each with 9 different parameters, allow more complex, multi-step techniques to be programmed and stored.

All Consort EV200 power supplies include voltage ramping, automatic crossover and recovery after power failure as standard, in addition to full protection against overload and accidental short circuit.

The voltage and current can be adjusted at any time during a run, and are displayed on the unit in bright, easy-to-read digits.

The Consort EV200 power supplies recommended for use with Scie-Plas electrophoresis equipment are listed in the attached Consort Power Supply Compatibility Chart, although more detailed information is obtainable from the main catalogue page which is also attached.

Dot and Slot Blotters


Fast sample-to-membrane hybridisation guaranteed for immediate screening

Available in alphanumeric 48 and 96 sample throughputs, Scie-Plas’s dot and slot blot microfiltration manifolds provide an easy and reproducible means to hybridise proteins and nucleic acids in solution onto membranes. These manifolds, which are machined from high-density acrylic, have precision-lapped mating surfaces that ensure uniform filter/membrane contact without gaskets and ‘O’ rings. Manifold assembly is simple, being achieved by the alignment and tightening of stainless steel thumbscrews and mating screws, while filters can be cut down to the exact size of the template. Standard manifold configurations are available with the DHM-48 and DHM-96 units providing 48 and 96 dots, 3mm in diameter, that are compatible with the configuration of 96-well microtitre plates. The SHM-48 unit focus up to 48 samples into thin lines, less than 0.5 x 6mm in size, making densitometric quantitation more reproducible. Each hybridisation manifold requires a vacuum pump or water aspirator equivalent to 600mm Hg (0.8 Bar).


Capillary Blotters


For low cost capillary blotting of nucleic acids

The CP-2826 maxi capillary blotter is ideal for the simultaneous Northern and Southern transfer of multiple gels. A novel design feature of a permanent wick set within the lower tank is optimised to draw up more buffer than traditional systems, eliminating the need for messy overhanging paper wicks and maximising transfer efficiency to less than 3 hours for nucleic acids.


Semi-Dry Blotters


V10 and V20 Semi-Dry Blotters

For fast and tidy electroblotting techniques

V10-SDB 10 x 10cm and V20-SDB 20 x 20cm semi-dry blotters are ideal for fast transfer of proteins and nucleic acids without the need for costly accessories such as gel cassettes and tanks. Corrosion-free platinum-coated titanium and stainless steel plate electrodes, corresponding to the anode and cathode, maximise the active area of transfer so that full electrical contact is made between the gel and the membrane, allowing transfer to be completed within an hour with the minimum of heat dissipation, buffer consumption and mess in the laboratory, normally associated with wet blotting techniques.


TV Electroblotters


Dedicated electroblotting for mini and maxi gels

Recently redesigned to accommodate up to 4 electroblotting cassettes, the Scie-Plas TV100-EBK andTV400-EBK electroblotters provide a cost-effective and safe and easy to use system for the transfer of proteins and nucleic acids from 10 x 10cm mini and 20.5 x 20cm maxi gels. Both units are supplied with asymmetric colour-coded cassettes as a unique design feature to prevent them from being inserted into the tank in the wrong orientation, against the direction of transfer


Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis

BlockTriple_0079 QSymphony_SP


The complete system for denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis

The TV400-DGGE denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis system is a cost-effective solution for researchers studying mutations and DNA polymorphisms critical in disease aetiology and genetic diversity.

Designed primarily for parallel denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE), where electrophoresis and the denaturing gradient run in the same direction, the TV400-DGGE has a maximum 96-sample throughput compatible with standard microplates and thermal cycler blocks.

A GM100 100ml gradient mixer is included (1st image from top) to pour gradient gels using our newly designed gel-running module and cam caster, while a 400W heater (1st image from bottom), regulated by an external temperature control unit (see bottom image and attachment) connected to a heat sensor within the gel tank, allows the temperature to be set to the predetermined melting temperature (Tm) of the PCR®-amplified DNA polymorphism or mutation of interest.



TV Modular Systems


TV Modular Systems offer a fully integrated solution within one gel tank for both two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-D), using capillary ampholyte gels, and electroblotting. These units comprise interchangeable gel-running modules, designed specifically for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), capillary gel isoelectric focusing (IEF) and electroblotting, which may be used either individually within the gel tank as dedicated standalone units, or as part of a larger integrated system for 2-D electrophoresis and electroblotting:


1. TV Complete Modular Systems

TV100YK-MODSYS Mini Complete Modular System

Scie-Plas TV complete modular systems provide a fully integrated solution within one gel tank for both 2-D electrophoresis and electroblotting. These systems are available in existing TV100 and TV400 formats and comprise individual running modules designed specifically for denaturing or renaturing PAGE (GRM), capillary gel isoelectric focusing (CAPGRM) and electroblotting (EBGRM). Following 2-D electrophoresis, the EBGRM can be used to transfer second dimension SDS-PAGE gels for further analysis by western blotting, providing enhanced sensitivity


 2. TV Modular Electroblotting Systems

TV100YK-EBSYS Mini Modular Electroblotting System

Scie-Plas TV modular electroblotting systems provide a complete solution within one gel tank for PAGE and electroblotting. These systems are available in existing TV100 and TV400 formats, and comprise individual gel-running modules (GRM) for PAGE and electroblotting (EBGRM).



3. TV Modular 2-D Systems


TV100YK-2DSYS Mini Modular 2-D System

Scie-Plas TV modular 2-D systems provide a complete solution in one gel tank for 2-D electrophoresis. These systems are available in existing TV100 and TV400 formats and comprise individual gel-running modules for PAGE (GRM) and isoelectric focusing (IEF) with capillary gels (CAPGRM)


Twin-Plate Units

Scie-PlasScie-Plas currentlyhas a range of vertical twin-plate gel electrophoresis units available in 3 distinct formats according to plate size: – the TV100 Twin-Plate 10 x 10cm (W x H) Mini-Gel; the TV200 Twin-Plate (20.5 x 10cm) Wide Format Mini-Gel; and the TV400 Twin-Plate (20.5 x 20cm) Maxi-Gel.


TV400YK Cooled Twin-Plate maxi-Gel Electrophoresis


Horizontal Gel Unit

Scie-PlasScie-Plas horizontal gel electrophoresis units offer the ultimate standards in innovative design and manufacture, acquired during our 20 year existence. The Scie-Plas horizontal gel electrophoresis units currently comprise models with gel tray sizes ranging from 6 x 7.5 to 25 x 30cm. All models incorporate many design and safety features recommended by scientists, either from within our in house product development team or laboratories worldwide. All Scie-Plas models are manufactured and finished to the highest specification, easy to use, and, with safety always paramount, CE-marked conforming to European safety regulation.


  • Robust acrylic tank construction 12 mm walls, leak proof
  • Safety lid with integral power leads
  • Shrouded 4 mm power output connectors universally compatible with modern-day low to medium voltage power supplies
  • Long-life, 99.99 % pure platinum electrodes
  • Gold-plated terminals with corrosion-free stainless steel washers
  • Durable high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) combs
  • UV-transparent acrylic gel-casting trays
  • Offset asymmetric electrodes
  • Colour-coded combs corresponding to 1, 1.5, 2 mm thickness


HU6 Mini Horizontal Gel Unit
Gel dimension (W x L): 6 x 7.5cm Maximum sample capacity: 32
HU10 Mini-Plus Horizontal Gel Unit
Gel dimension (W x L): 10 x 11.5cm Maximum sample capacity: 80


HU13 Midi Horizontal Gel Unit
Gel dimension (W x L): 12.8 x 15 cm Maximum sample capacity: 112