Live Cell Imaging – Small, Easy and Affordable

  • Easy handling – Set-up of system within minutes
  • Small size – Easily fits in every incubator
  • Cloud technology – Monitor your cell culture anywhere and anytime
  • Low cost – The affordable live cell imaging tool for small budgets

Experience our new CytoSMART™ System  –  an easy-to-use and affordable live cell imaging system.Live Cell Imaging – The Smart Way

Cytosmart Lonza

The system consists of a mini-microscope, the CytoSMART™ Device (roughly the size of a cell culture plate), and an accompanying tablet which is linked to the device and can be fixed outside the incubator. With the CytoSMART™ Connect Cloud Service you can view your images and create time-lapse movies of your cell culture. As a cloud-based system, it enables you to access and download your cell culture data from any browser-capable system, whether it is your computer, laptop, smartphone or your personal tablet device. With the CytoSMART™ System your cells can remain in their defined conditions in the incubator, while you monitor the culture remotely online. Moreover, you can set automatic alerts – meaning you only need to physically tend to your cells once they have reached a certain confluency.

Applications for the CytoSMART™ System

With the CytoSMART™ System, both cell culture monitoring and the morphological read-out of a multitude of cell-based assays become routine tasks that can be performed without being physically present at the cell culture hood. The system also enables you to record images or time-lapse videos of your cell culture.

  • Migration assay, e.g. scratch assays – Automatic photo/video documentation
  • Stem cell culture documentation – Remote monitoring under hypoxic cell culture and GMP conditions or of iPSC reprogramming
  • Cell culture standardization – Automatic alerts for confluency, recording of cell growth curves and screening of culture media and growth factors

UVimeter Radiometer

The world of UV intensity measure


UVItec RS radiometer
• 254 312 365nm (three models)
• Electronic case
• LCD display
• Analog output
• Zero drift
• Off/On/Hold switch

UV sensor (fixed)
• Silicon photo-electric cell for a direct measurement of the UV radiation. No need for conversion into visible light.
• Interference filter to select the appropriate UV band and to eliminate all other unwanted radiation.
• Non-sensitive to infra-red.
• No electronic components in the sensor to avoid any possible temperature disparity
• Quartz disc protection on cell filter
• Carbon shielded cable (1 metre)

UVImeter RX 003 radiometer with microprocessor
• Designed for operating at 254nm, 312nm and 365nm
• Independent sensor (supplied separately) for each wavelength
• Analog output on the rear panel for each wavelength
• 4 X 16 LCD display
• 4 ‘Alkaline’ batteries R6/1.5V


Model No.
RS 254  radiometer short wave 
RS 312  radiometer mid wave 
RS 365  radiometer long wave 
RX 003  radiometer 
SX 254  sensor, short wave 
SX 312  sensor, mid wave 
SX 365  sensor, long wave 

UVIcab Cabinet


Ultraviolet viewing cabinet

Efficiency & simplicity

CV 415 cabinet
Professional unit for effective viewing with power intensity unequalled in this field.

Incorporates 4 x 15Watt UV tubes plus one 40Watt white light bulb
Any single or dual wavelength combination of 254, 312 and 365nm wavelengths
Easy control switch operation for each wavelength
Versatile: simply change the tubes when a new wavelength is required
Removable base panel enabling positioning above a standard transilluminator
Viewing port with UV absorbing filter
Applications of CV cabinets:
Reading chromatograms (paper or TLC)
Fluorescent analysis in Biology, Chemistry and Forensics
Industrial and electronic quality control
Can also be used for applications in Geology and Mineralogy

CV006 cabinet
An economic solution to laboratory inspection of fluorescent samples.

Compact, lightweight, versatile and efficient
Can hold one or two UVIlite, 6W UV lamps
Choose from 254, 312 or 365nm wavelength
Strong, lightweight design with black curtain
Viewing port with UV absorbing filter


 Model      Description  Tubes  nm  µW/cm2 
CV 415LL  long wave  4 x 15W  365  2000 
CV 415SS    short wave
4 x 15W  254  1750 
CV 415MM
mid wave  4 x 15W  365  1800 
CV 415LM long / mid  2 x 15W

2 x 15W 





CV 415MS  mid / short  2 x 15W

2 x 15W





CV 415LS  long / short  2 x 15W

2 x 15W 





CV 015W  white light  40W bulb  white light   
CV 006  mini cabinet  1 or 2   6W lamps  (not supplied)

All versions of CV 415 fitted with 1 x 40Watt white light bulb


UVIlite ultraviolet lamps


UVIlite ultraviolet lamps
Pure UV

The world most impressive UV lamps

A very wide range of ultraviolet lamps from low power hand held models to high intensity units is available. There are filtered lamps in three wavelengths for use in fluorescent techniques and unfiltered lamps in both long and short (germicidal) wavelengths. All incorporate an extruded, anodised aluminium housing and a specially designed unique profile has been developed for the hand held lamps. The operator friendly shape permits lamps to be held easily with gloved hands.

Filtered lamps
These highly efficient, well designed lamps are produced in three wavelengths: 254, 312 and 365nm and dual wavelength combinations. Power ranges from a single 4W tube up to two 15W tubes.
Applications include:
• Short wavelength (254nm): Fluorescence techniques, fluorochemistry, mineralogy, photopolymerisation, mutation studies, toxicology.
•  Mid wavelength (312nm): Electrophoresis gel viewing.
• Long wavelength (365nm): TLC plate viewing, fluorochemistry, food inspection, quality control, titration, pesticide analysis, mineralogy


Ordering UVIlite filtered UV lamps

    LF 104S          50 x 75
  1 x 4W        254         340    
LF 204LS 50 x 75  1 x 4W  365  350 
1 x 4W  254  265
LF 106L  50 x 150  1 x 6W  365  700 
LF 106S  50 x 150  1 x 6W  254  710 
LF 106M  50 x 150  1 x 6W  312  680 
LF 206LM  50 x 150  1 x 6W  312  580 
1 x 6W  365  610 
LF 206MS  50 x 150  1 x 6W  312  580 
1 x 6W  254  400 
LF 206LS  50 x 150  1 x 6W 365  610 
1 x 6W  254  400
LF 215L  80 x 300  2 x 15W  365  2300 
LF 215S  80 x 300  2 x 15W  254  1780 
LF 215M  80 x 300  2 x 15W  312  2200 
LF 215LM  80 x 300  1 x 15W  365  1350 
1 x 15W  312  1330 
LF 215MS  80 x 300  1 x 15W  312  1330
1 x 15W  254  930 
LF 215LS  80 x 300  1 x 15W  365  1350
1 x 15W 254  930

Intensity at 15cm µW/cm2

Unfiltered ultraviolet lamps
• Germicidal lamps
Widely used in medical and scientific research laboratories as well as in electronics and the food and beverage industries. Areas that must be kept free from bacterial contamination may be irradiated with UVItec germicidal lamps, provided safeguards are in place to protect operators. The same range of lamps is available with either BL or BLB long-wavelength tubes:

• Unfiltered UV longwaves (BL blacklight / BLB blacklight blue)
BL (Blacklight) tubes are actinic ultraviolet type and include a white light component in the output. Applications: Polymer curing, adhesive curing, dermatology, pharmacology, photoresist exposure.
BLB (Blacklight Blue) tubes are self-filtered cobalt glass – to reduce the visible light component and increase fluorescent contrast. Non-destructive testing, quality control, invisible coding/marking, counterfeit note detection, rodent contamination detection, readmission control, aflatoxin detection, signature verification.

UVIlite Unfiltered UV germicidal lamps 254nm

Model Number 


Intensity µW/cm2 

LI 206G  2 x 6W  1400 * 
LI 208G  2 x 8W  1800 * 
LI 215G  2 x 15W 76 
LI 315G  3 x 15W 95 
LI 220G  2 x 20W 95 
LI 320G  3 x 20W 119 
LI 230G  2 x 30W 152 
LI 330G  3 x 30W 191 
LI 240G  2 x 40W 157 
LI 340G  3 x 40W 219

Intensities all at 1m except* at 15cm

UVIlite Unfiltered UV longwave lamps 365nm

Model Number 


Intensity µW/cm2 

LI 206BL  2 x 6W BL 1215 * 
LI 208BL  2 x 8W BL 1400 *
LI 215BL  2 x 15W BL 108 
LI 315BL  3 x 15W BL 147 
LI 220BL  2 x 20W BL 129 
LI 320BL  3 x 20W BL 177 
LI 230BL  2 x 30W BL 228 
LI 330BL  3 x 30W BL 312 
LI 240BL  2 x 40W BL 302 
LI 340BL  3 x 40W BL 413 
LI 206BLB 2 x 6W BLB 1120 *
LI 208BLB 2 x 8W BLB 1300 *
LI 215BLB 2 x 15W BLB 100 
LI 315BLB 3 x 15W BLB 136 
LI 220BLB 2 x 20W BLB 119 
LI 320BLB 3 x 20W BLB 163 
LI 230BLB 2 x 30W BLB 210 
LI 330BLB 3 x 30W BLB 288 
LI 240BLB 2 x 40W BLB 279 
LI 340BLB 3 x 40W BLB 381 

Intensities all at 1m except* at 15cm

Germicidal radiation required for bacterial destruction

Bacteria  Energy in mW-sec/cm2
Sterilisation up to 90% 
Energy in mW-sec/cm2
Sterilisation up to 99% 
Bacillus anthracis  4.52  9.04 
S. enteritidis  4.00  8.00 
B. megatherium sp.(veg.)  1.30  2.60 
B. megatherium sp.(spores)  2.73  5.46 
B.paratyphosus  3.20  6.40 
B.subtilis  7.10  14.20 
B. subtilis spores  12.00  24.00 
Corynebacterium diphtheriae  3.37  6.74 
Eberthella typhosa  2.14  4.28 
Escherichia coli  3.00  6.00 
Micrococcus candidus  6.05  12.10 
Micrococcus sphaeroides  10.00  20.00 
Neisseria catarrhalis  4.40  8.80 
Phytomonas tumefaciens.  4.40  8.80 
Proteus vulgaris  2.64  5.28 
Pseudomonas aeruginosa  5.50  11.00 
Pseudomonas fluorescens  3.50  7.00 
S. typhimurium  8.00  16.00 
Sarcina Lutea  19.70  39.40 
Seratia marcescens  2.42  4.84 
Dysentery bacilli  2.20  4.40 
Shigella paradysenteriae  1.68  3.36 
Spirillum rubrum  4.40  8.80 
Staphylococcus albus 1.84  3.68 
Staphylococcus aureus  2.60  5.20 
Streptococcus hemolyticus  2.16  4.32 
Streptococcus lactis  6.15  12.30 
Streptocuccus viridans  2.00  4.00 





Extensive range

For optimum visualisation of agarose or polyacrylamide gels UVItec offers what is probably the widest available range of ultraviolet transilluminators. The ‘mini’ range takes 8W tubes and can have filter sizes up to 21 x 26cm. With the standard size range filters with dimensions up to 25 x 35cm are possible. All are high quality models with stainless steel  filter frames, long life filters and highly polished ‘ondulex’ reflectors for ultimate efficiency.

An adjustable UV blocking cover is included to protect the user from harmful UV. This new technology reduces flicker, provides instant switch-on and allows dual intensity to be a standard feature.

High quality, stainless steel filter frame is resistant to chemicals and scratching. The epoxy painted body is resistant to chemicals too and the unit design prevents liquids from leaking into the interior.

Transfer and positioning of wet gels on the transilluminator surface is facilitated by the smooth, scratch-resistant stainless steel filter frame and the highly polished filter surface. Angle-adjustable UV blocking cover offers users hands-free protection from harmful UV rays


UV / white light transilluminator

Model No. Description Filter (cm) Tube & wavelength (nm)
STS-20 W/M Single intensity 20×20 UV & 20×20 white light 2 x 8W – white light

6 x 8W – 312nm

STS-20 W/S Single intensity 20×20 UV & 20×20 white light 2 x 8W– white light

6 x 8W – 254nm

STS-20 W/L Single intensity 20×20 UV & 20×20 white light 2 x 8W – white light

6 x 8W– 365nm


8 watt transilluminator

Model No. Description Filter (cm) Tube & wavelength (nm)
BXT-F26.M Hi/Lo intensity 26×21 6 x 8W – 312nm
BXT-F20.M Hi/Lo intensity 20×20 6 x 8W – 312nm
BXT-F15.M Hi/Lo intensity 15×15 6 x 8W – 312nm
BXT-F26.S Hi/Lo intensity 26×21 6 x 8W – 254nm
BXT-F26.L Hi/Lo intensity 26×21 6 x 8W – 365nm
BTS-20.W Hi/Lo intensity 20×20 2 x 8W – White light


2 wavelengths transilluminator

Model No. Description Filter (cm) Tube & wavelength (nm)
BTS-26.LM Hi intensity 26×21 5 x 8W – 365nm

6 x 8W – 312nm

BTS-20.LM Hi intensity 20×20 5 x 8W – 365nm

6 x 8W – 312nm

BTS-26.LS Hi intensity 26×21 5 x 8W – 365nm

6 x 8W – 254nm


15 watt transilluminator

Model No. Description Filter (cm) Tube & wavelength (nm)
SXT-F36.M Hi/Lo intensity 25×35 6 x 15W – 312nm
SXT-F26.M Hi/Lo intensity 26×21 6 x 15W – 312nm
SXT-F20.M Hi/Lo intensity 20×20 6 x 15W – 312nm




The non-UV Transilluminator

To eliminate the damage caused by ultra violet light to DNA and RNA gels we are pleased to introduce our new UVIblue transilluminator.

During the purification of DNA and RNA from gels, Ultra violet light can induce both nicking and crosslinking. Use of the new Uviblue transilluminator eradicates this problem and thus greatly improves the efficiency of this process. The UVIblue has been designed in order to give the best image possible. There are almost 300 LEDs arranged to give a consistent intensity across the table. We incorporate the highest standard of LED available to give unprecedented light uniformity. The Light Emitting Devices also conform to the highest environmental standards.

The intense blue light emitted is doubly enhanced by use of a narrow excitation filter giving an excitation peak at 470 nm. This allows the excitation light to be separated from the emission light to give the clarity of image our customers expect from Uvitec.

UVIblue technology is ideal for Sybr Safe®, Gel-Green®, Sypro Ruby®, Gel-Star®, Sypro Orange®, Sybr Gold®, Sybr Green® I & II and eGFP®, amongst others


Model No. Filter (cm) Light Device
BXT-F20.Blue 20×20 Filtered blue LED technology




Enhanced viewing & documentation

The use of special filter material in the UVIpure transilluminator greatly enhances contrast, making fluorescent bands easier to see with the naked eye or imaging systems. The special filter eliminates visible light which reduces the need for filtering to isolate the fluorescent band signal.

Gels stained with both ethidium bromide and Sybr® Green are viewed on a UVIpure transilluminator with the naked eye more easily. Since background light is eliminated no filtering is required and no signal is lost. The dark, uniform surface of the filter provides a high-contrast background, enabling viewing of even the faintest bands.

The absence of visible background light and minimal IR output from the UVIpure transilluminator enable broad transmission camera filters to be used. This ensures that maximum transmission of the fluorescent signal is always achieved

Model No. Description Filter (cm) Tube & wavelength (nm)
BXT-F26.MX Hi/Lo intensity 26×21 6 x 8W – 312nm
BXT-F26.LMX Hi intensity 26×21 6 x 8W – 365nm

5 x 8W – 312nm


UVIdoc HD5

UvitecThe stand-alone system with computer performance

  • Cutting edge performance
    • Stand-alone: no additional computer needed
  • Ideal for multi-user environments
    • Network capability
    • 4 USB ports
    • 1.4 megapixels
    • Saturation monitoring of the live image
    • 16-bit pixel depth
  • Enables you to do the job in the lab and download your image from the comfort of your office thanks to the easy-share network connection. This protects your office from ethidium bromide contamination that a USB key could cause. The UVIdoc HD5 just needs to be installed onto a local network, allowing fast and easy access to image already stored in the system’s huge internal memory.
    • The unique 12-bit performance delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio, producing perfect imaging for both quantification and publication.
    • The complimentary UVIdoc 1D software provides a comprehensive set of image acquisition, enhancement and analysis tools. From molecular weight to colony counting, UVIdoc 1D is perfect for both analysis and gel annotation and editing.vvvvvvv

Essential V4


Essential Series

Camera and optics
• Scientific Sony chip CCD camera
• 1.6 megapixel / 16-bit pixel depth
• patented UVI-Pure ttchnology available
• Extreme ease to use

  • Ideal for publication and routine documentation

Essential V4 1D software
“One touch” fully automated image acquisition program
Image enhancement, annotation and illustration.
3 image analysis modules:
– 1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity, …)
– Colony counting
– Distance calculation (RF, IEF, …)

• Transilluminator UV surface: 26×21 or 20x20cm
• UV-PURE transilluminator or standard transilluminator.
• Single or dual wavelength available
• Manual or motorized zoom lens
• UV to white light or UV to blue conversion screen
• Advanced UVI-Band or UVI-BandMap software


Firereader V4



Ideal for documentation and quantification

  • Camera and optics
    • 1.6 Megapixels extendable to 5.5 megapixels / USB connection
    • 16-bit pixel depth (65 536 grey levels) / Dynamic range: 4.8 OD
    • Scientific CCD camera

    • Scientific grade camera with electronically variable shutter speed
      • Patent pending UVI-VIEW camera technology


    FireReader V4 1D software
    “One touch” fully automated image acquisition program
    Image enhancement, annotation and illustration.
    3 image analysis modules:
    – 1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity, …)
    – Colony counting
    – Distance calculation (RF, IEF, …)

    • Transilluminator UV surface: 26×21 or 20x20cm
    • UV-PURE transilluminator or standard transilluminator.
    • Single or dual wavelength available
    • Manual or motorized zoom lens
    • UV to white light or UV to blue conversion screen
    • Advanced UVI-Band or UVI-BandMap software