Bottle-Top Dispenser


Safely and easily handle reagents

The Rainin Disp-X manual bottle top dispenser is a valuable tool to aliquot reagents quickly, reliably and safely. Built-in safety features protect the user from accidental spills and ensure smooth, trouble-free dispenser operation. For use with a wide range of compatible liquids – including corrosive and inflammable liquids,– Disp-X has a broad application base in biology, pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical and forensic labs. Disp-X can be used with a variety of liquid reagents while providing superior sealing overa wide range of temperatures and viscosities. Disp-X is available in 4 different volume ranges: 0.5 – 5 ml, 1 – 10 ml, 2.5 – 25 ml and 5 – 50 ml.

Features and Benefits

Superior chemical compatibility
Disp-X uses high-grade inert materials to assure the purity of your reagents from the first aliquot to the last. Disp-X is compatible with a wide range of liquids and is autoclavable for biological applications.

Built-in safety features
The Disp-X dispenser includes a safety system with discharge tube and closure cap to prevent accidental dispensing or spilling. The slotted discharge tube ensures correct installation and safe operation every time. The inner glass piston is enclosed in an inert polypropylene sleeve to prevent damage and allow smooth operation.

Clear and easy control
Setting the volume on Disp-X is easy using the adjustable volume control knob. Simply position the marker at the desired volume and go. Very little force is required to move the piston up and down because a liquid film between piston and cylinder acts as a lubricant. Discharge valves are easy to clean and replace.

Flexible dispensing options
With Disp-X, you can change accessories to suit your application workflow. Changing accessories is fast and easy. Discharge tubes and filling tubes are available in sizes to meet your needs. Fixed and flexible discharge tubes are available. Disp-X bottle-top dispensers are for volumes ranging from 0.5–50 ml.


Volume Range


Bottle Top Dispenser



Bottle Top Dispenser



Bottle Top Dispenser



Bottle Top Dispenser



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