ARIES® is Luminex’s sample to answer, real time PCR system that is crafted to increase laboratory efficiency, ensure result accuracy, and fit seamlessly into today’s lean laboratory. The ARIES® System is designed as an efficient and scalable solution that can run IVD assays. This will give your lab the flexibility needed to keep up with the needs of a modern molecular laboratory. ARIES® allows your lab to control each aspect of the sample to answer testing process, from sample accessioning through result reporting.




Designed for Improved Lab Efficiency and Workflow

  • Universal Assay Protocol may enable multiple sample types and up to 12 different IVD assays to be run together in a Random Batch.
  • ARIES® software and user interface allows you to control every aspect of the sample to answer environment in your laboratory.
  • Two independent modules allow for simultaneous STAT and batch testing on a single ARIES® System.
  • Electronic reporting accelerates delivery of results.


Designed for Seamless Integration and Testing Accuracy

  • Internal barcode scanning matches samples to cassettes, enabling Position Independent Results no matter where each cassette is placed.
  • Integrated sample processing control ensures the assay run is successful from extraction through amplification.
  • Bidirectional LIS connectivity enables electronic ordering.*
  • Integrated touchscreen PC eliminates the need for computer peripherals, maximizing valuable bench space.


The Cassettes

The cassettes utilized in the ARIES® System are part of what help to create such an efficient and simple workflow. The cassette contains all of the reagents needed to run PCR testing on a sample. The extraction, purification, amplification, detection reagents, and Sample Processing Control (SPC) are all contained in the cassette. ARIES® cassettes are color coded and can be stored at room temperature, eliminating the need for freezing and thawing of reagents that take up freezer space and add time to preparation. For IVD samples, everything needed to run a sample is contained in the ARIES® cassette and the attached PCR tube.

Physical Dimensions (Approximate) 38 cm x 61 cm x 100 cm (15.7” x 23.6” x 39.3”)
Weight 60 kgs (134 lbs)
Power Supply 120 volts (US) or 220 volts (EU)
Startup Time Less than 5 min
Hands-on Time Less than 2 min/sample†
Time to Result Less than 2 hours
Throughput 12 samples in less than 2 hours
48 results in 8 hours
Sample Input Volume 200-400 μL
Processing 2 Independent modules (1-6 samples/module); allows Random Batch and STAT testing
Data Input Handheld/internal bar scanning/manual
PC Integrated touchscreen
Operating System Microsoft Windows Embedded 7
Consumables ARIES® assay cassettes
Ancillary Equipment (optional) Barcode scanner stand; Printer for ARIES® instrument
Heat Source Peltier
Heat Output (BTU) 2730
Operating Temperature 59° F to 95° F (15° C to 35° C)
Temperature Control 55° C to 95° C (131° F to 203° F) within +/- 0.5° C
Connectivity Network and 5 x USB Type-A Ports
Network Settings Integrates bidirectionally with LIS either through HL7 or CSV file formats
Detector Photodiode


Optical Channels
Channels 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ex/Em 390/475 464/517 525/556 557/588 594/624 630/690

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