Alliance Mini



Dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system

  • Super HD resolution in compact design (35 cm x 35 cm footprint)
  • Design dedicated to western blot detection and quantification
  • Extreme sensitivity and extreme resolution
  • 4 megapixels (Alliance Mini4) or 2 megapixels (Alliance Mini2) CCD scientific grade camera with electronically variable shutter speed, Ultra-high sensitivity
  • 1.1 inch sensor (Alliance Mini4) or 1 inch sensor (Alliance Mini2), 16-bit pixel depth
  • Extremely bright motorised fixed lens (f:0,90)
  • Cooling -46 °C absolute (for Alliance Mini4) and -30 °C absolute (for Alliance Mini2) for the lowest noise
  • Dark current 0.0002 e/p/s
  • LED White light epi-illumination
  • Regulated Peltier air-cooling
  • Autofocus and auto-exposure
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) file
  • Steel and stainless stell darkroom
  • Alliance 1D software:
    • “One-touch” fully automated image acquisition programme
    • Image enhancement, annotation and illustration
    • 3 image analysis modules:
      • o1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity…)
      • oColony counting
      • oDistance calculation (RF, IEF…)

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